• Spread feet apart (wider than should width, feeling comfortably balanced).
  • Slightly close stance (back toe in line with front instep).
  • Hips and fee parallel.
  • Have some type of bend or flex in the knees.
  • Back elbow pointed down at back foot to prevent upper cut or loop in swing.
  • Lie bat on shoulder at a 45-degree angle with hands at shoulder height and ‘in line’ with your rear shoulder.
  • Clear hands away from your body and make sure to RELAX!
  • Maintain a good angle with your front elbow.
  • Weight should be 50/50 over each leg, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Weight shift needs to begin when pitcher begins his ‘wind up’. You should be swaying your hips and getting your weight back towards your back knee, getting ‘ready to explode’.
  • As you pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, take a short stride with a little step and PUSH back off the FRONT legs as you PIVOT on the balls of your feet. This will create the ‘HIP-HOP’ necessary for bat speed and power!
  • Go through your swing fully with both hands firmly on the bat so the bat finishes at your shoulder blades with your toes and belly button facing the pitcher.
  • Always keep your head down and finish your swing with your chin and nose buried in your back shoulder.

SPECIAL NOTE: Tip results may vary depending on the hitter. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you are doing is half the battle. Confidence will come with: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.